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Beauty is certainly in the eye of the beholder and whatever your choice is, provided that you’re happy with it, I can’t fault you for this. The point could be argued by you again and again, but in the ultimate end, it’s almost like trying to persuade someone who likes oranges that apples are the excellent fruit. To each their own and no have to add unnecessary tension in fueling an endless debate.

According to Android Police, “Adreno GPUs experienced native 4K-out since the Snapdragon 800,” which means that most flagships from days gone by year or so could possibly be capable of generating 4K video result when Android M launches (probably with the use of a slimport-like adapter, much like the LG G4). As though to improve the bar higher also, YouTube facilitates 8K video now.

Illustrations show how the screen is certainly divided in two, with each casing a different app. There would also be the choice of running an application using one side of the display screen, and leaving the home screen noticeable in the other half. Whenever we say “half”, it isn’t necessarily the case an app would need to occupy 50 percent of the screen, windows could possibly be made wider or narrower as required.

Google has been been under investigation previously because of this same reason, when the company was accused of unfairly promoting their own services and products in the web-based search engine. After a two-year investigation, Google wanted to increasingly display other companies’ products and serp’s (like Microsoft and Yahoo). The EU Commission then threatened Google with a 5 billion dollar fine since it felt Google’s initiatives were insufficient. That entire episode took another 2 yrs to clear up.

The Galaxy Note 5 has a 5.7-inches QHD Super AMOLED display delivering 2,560 x 1,440 pixels at 518 ppi, and so does the Galaxy S6 Edge+, although the latter’s display is slightly curved at the left and right edges. Both displays are absolutely superb, representing the very best Android provides. They’re pin-sharp and super vivid, with great looking at angles.

Google gives Android to manufacturers free of charge, but that doesn’t suggest they don’t pay in different ways. As you may recall, the European Commission is normally investigating Google based on the demands positioned upon device manufacturers in order to use Android. It appears that even though it involves a request for details from a EC probe, Google isn’t exactly fighting fairly.